Traffic Collision Reconstruction 1

The Collision Safety Institute’s Collision Reconstruction 1 course is a 2 week, 80 hour course taught in person over two consecutive weeks and is the ideal progression from a Dynamics or Advanced Accident Investigation course for those interested in developing a strong crash analysis and reconstruction skill set.

Building on skills from a Dynamics or Advanced Accident Investigation course where the attendee has been exposed to most types of motion analysis, the CSI Collision Reconstruction 1 course uses real world case examples as well as crash tests to reinforce core mechanical analytical concepts and skills toward a better understanding of the relevant speeds, times and distances one might use to more fully evaluate then describe or explain a crash in writing or to, for example, a jury.

Topics include

  • Core mechanics concepts toward a more complete understand of vehicle motion before, during and after a collision
  • Advanced vehicle documentation focused on occupant motion and PDOF
  • Application of time and distance models in the analysis of the lead up to a collision
  • Special surface friction use case scenarios and airborne analysis
  • Vector analysis
  • Finding vehicle impact speeds using a conservation of linear momentum analysis
  • Calculating then applying the change of velocity of a vehicle in a collision
  • Finding the principal direction of force (PDOF)
  • Basic energy models and methods

Upcoming Collision Reconstruction 1 course offerings:

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Required Materials

Attendees must bring:

  • Laptop and charger with at least Adobe Acrobat reader and a spreadsheet program (like Excel)
  • A scientific calculator
  • Optional: a CAD (drawing) program installed on the laptop


To ensure all attendees have a common knowledge base, before the class one should have successfully completed a Dynamics, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation or equivalent course covering, for example, basic motion equations and analysis as well as scene and vehicle documentation and diagramming.

Tuition: $1000 (USD)

To reserve a seat in a class:

Fill out the course reservation form by clicking on the link below. After you have completed the registration/reservation form, you will be provided options for tuition payment and see other confirmation options.