How do I register for a course?

Course registration is open on the Collision Safety Institute web site for any class that hasn’t been filled or marked “closed.” Select the course (i.e.: the CDR Data Analyst Course) then follow the “register now” button to enter some basic information and then follow that link to complete registration and submit tuition.

When is course tuition due?

Payment of course tuition is due within 7 days of registering for a course in the form of an online credit card payment, submission of a government purchase order, or when a check is mailed to the Collision Safety Institute. Refer to the CSI Cancellation and Refund Policy for more.

Can you “hold” a seat in a course for me?

No, as a matter of courtesy for those who are ready to confirm registration in a course, we don’t “hold” a spot in a course. There’s actually a really good reason for that. Say, for example, the class fills and your unconfirmed seat in that class is counted toward the maximum number to fill that class, and then you, your department or company decide that you’re not going to go after all. In the meantime, we may have turned away someone who could have confirmed they’re were coming to the course because we’re holding a seat for you. We do, however, keep a registration open for 7 days after it was submitted, unless we’ve marked the course with a fast approaching “registration closes date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The Collision Safety Institute accepts checks, will invoice against a purchase order and relies on PayPal as a 3rd party to take and securely process credit card payments on line. United Airlines, Microsoft, Netflix, Home Depot, Apple, BestBuy, and literally hundreds of other on-line retailers rely on PayPal as a 3rd party payment processor. At Collision Safety, we’d rather not handle your credit card numbers and believe that PayPal is the among the most secure 3rd party entities for that purpose. You do not need to have a “PayPal” account to process a payment through PayPal.

Can you send my department an invoice?

An invoice can be generated against a purchase order. A government agency purchase order is necessary for us to generate an invoice. We can’t invoice without a PO.

Is the course approved for ACTAR CEUs?

The CDR Data Analyst Course has long been pre-approved for ACTAR CEUs. Other courses are submitted on request for CEU approval. More information can be found at ACTAR’s web site: https://actar.org/ceu/earning

Is the course available on line?

Generally, no. For example, the CDR Tool Technician course is a very hands-on course. Practical exercises with problem solving opportunities are necessarily most effective face-to-face. Experience has shown that entities who have used on-line “Technician” courses create a situation where the student alone in the field learns to avoid a “problem vehicle” and move on to one that’s easier to access and retrieve data from. Without a trainer/mentor on hand to work through actual data retrieval and engage in problem solving, the on-line courses fall short of creating confident and capable technicians in the field. That said, we offered a Technician Train-The-Trainer update and relicensing course on-line with some success. That course requires no hands-on activities and we’re exploring the potential for that application to other courses going forward.

Is the class still open for registrations?

Whenever a course is listed on our website and not marked as “registration closed,” there are still seats open in the class and, yes, it is still open for registration.

How do I schedule a course at our facility/department/company?

We’re happy work with you to schedule a course – with sufficient lead time – at your department, company or agency. In fact, most of our courses are scheduled that way: a sponsor agency contacts us to set up a course offering at their facility. Contact us at inforequest@collisionsafety.net to see about scheduling a course at your facility.

Not usually, no. At one time, we tried to suggest nearby hotels but we ran into situations where that was interpreted by some to be “the” mandatory or “required” hotel when it was nothing of the kind. Department contract arrangements, travel policy and other considerations well outside our control make is such that, unless a local sponsor has a specific recommendation, we don’t offer recommendations for local travel or lodging.

Are meals provided as part of the class?

No. Meals are the individual responsibility of those attending the class.

What time does the class end?

Generally, our classes run from 8am to 5 pm every day of the class. Some may have experience where a class ends on the last day “early.” That would run counter to the potential for pre-approved CEUs and, most often, we have too much going on on the last day to end “early.” Those traveling in and having to make airline arrangements should assume the class ends at 5pm on the last day. We can’t and won’t be responsible for missed material or shorted CEUs if one elects to leave early on the last day.

Can I book my travel now?

While it is extremely unusual for us to have to cancel a class or move it to another date (whether or not at the same location) there are times when that may happen. When it does, we will send out emails to the email addresses we have for those who have actually completed the registration process letting them know what’s going on. We recommend that, if you have to travel – especially by air – to attend the class, you wait until about 30-45 days out to see if the class has been cancelled or changed locations. If that occurs, we’ll post it next to the class listing on our web site. If nothing has been posted and the class appears to still be open for registrations it will be going ahead as scheduled.

I have to miss a day to attend a trial (or whatever reason...)

We know things come up, schedules change, and court can’t be avoided. Our classes tend to be fast moving and material intensive offerings which don’t end, for example, at 2PM on the last day. If you have to miss all or part of a day of class and you really can’t either reschedule the class for another offering or the appointment which would take you away from class, talk to the instructors and we’ll see what we can arrange during the week to keep you “up to speed” on the materials with the understanding that you’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage missing any significant time in the class setting.

I can’t make it, can I send someone in my place?

At times, it may be necessary to substitute one individual for another after a registration has been made and confirmed. Within the limits of the refund policy outlined in this document, the “ownership” of a seat in a class falls to the individual or entity which submitted the registration and is transferrable. As such, within the limits of the refund policy, it may be transferred to another individual without penalty to the original class the registration was submitted for or an offering at another location or another date within 18 months of the original class for which the registration was submitted.