CDR Train-the-Trainer

CDR Train-the-Trainer Certification Course

This very specialized training course is open only to those who have completed the Collision Safety Institute CDR Operator’s Certification Course series in the past two years.

This CDR Technician Course Train-the-Trainer Certification course is an opportunity for qualified and experienced CDR Data Analysts to train others to the Technician Level. This course provides qualified individuals with an opportunity to teach the one day CDR Technician Course; the prerequisite to the CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course. It does not qualify one to teach the CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course.

Those who successfully complete this course and provide personalization information will be provided with a training materials CD personalized for that individual to teach the Technician Level course. That material cannot be changed or used in conjunction with some other Crash Data related course offering and is licensed to the individual instructor only for the 2 year period. This policy ensures that the Technician Level course material presented is the same each time it’s offered. Periodic updates will be made available to registered trainers as the Trainer course and CDR program is updated during the term of the license.

During this course, prospective trainers are walked through the course material, slide-by-slide and the concepts and purpose of each topic is explained in detail so the prospective trainer can comfortably and professionally present that material on their own. Attendance at the Train The Trainer course alone is no guarantee an individual will successfully be licensed to teach the material. During this course, individual potential instructors are evaluated for their understanding of the material, ability to process and present the material and competence as an instructor in this specialized topic area.

Once an individual has successfully completed this course, to be issued a set of training materials, Technician level Trainers will be expected to:

  • Agree to use only the course material provided as part of this training during their presentations of the Technician class
  • Agree to not redistribute any part of the provided course presentation material and not subcontract another instructor to present this material for that individual certified trainer
  • Agree to have on hand during the course presentation a sufficient number of accessible Ford, GM and Chrysler modules – each with stored data – to facilitate in-class download exercises for class sizes up to 30 students, and own a current Bosch CDR System which the certified trainer would use during the presentation of the Technician level class


Q: Does completion of this course qualify me to teach the CDR Data Analyst’s Certification course?

A: No, this is a program set up to develop Technician Level Instructors only. CSI will continue to offer the full CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course separately.

Q: If this course doesn’t train me to teach the full CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course, what good is it to me?

A: Insurance companies, fleet administrators, police agencies and police academies – to name a few – have expressed an interest in offering some level of CDR training. The backgrounds, previous training and experience in various areas or levels of reconstruction and that within the CDR technology itself dictates that only those approved by the OEMs and Bosch will be allowed to teach the full CDR Data Analyst’s Certification Course. The opportunity still exists to develop a larger base of “data collectors” – CDR data collection Technicians – within those larger groups. For example, insurance companies who understand the complexity of this technology recognize that sending out field claims representatives and having them analyzing CDR data in the absence of some background in reconstruction is a bad idea. Police agencies often have Crash Investigation units organized into field investigators and then reconstructionists. The field investigators would be trained to collect data from people, cars and the road but the reconstructionists would then be qualified to complete the end analysis of all that information. The same concept applies here, so this training would qualify one to train data collectors (CDR Technicians) using the standardized training course.

Q: What is the “standardized training course”

A: Those who successfully complete the “CDR Technician Course Train-the-Trainer Certification” course will be given a CD with the course presentation, exams and handouts on them. Each CD will be personalized for the individual approved instructor. This assumes that the prospective student provides, in advance of the course, their personalization information such that the materials can be assembled prior to the class.

Q: Will I be able to go back and “certify” others at my office or agency?

A: Yes, to be CDR Technicians but, no, not CDR Data Analysts. You will be instrumental in teaching others to collect data that can be then relied on by CDR Analysts/reconstructionists together with situationally complete reconstructions of a given case.

Q: Can I change the course material to reflect my police agency, company or training institute?

A: No, you cannot change the course material you will use now, under this license, can you teach material which would fall into the category of CDR Data Analysis. The CD you will be given upon successful completion of the course will be personalized to reflect you as the approved instructor and may be customized at that time, before it is distributed, but not later. You may add, separately, local regulatory or policy information and material (i.e.: information required by a police agency as it relates to impound or search warrant procedures) under this license.

Q: What about updates?

A: The technician class is essentially a “living class.” That means, as the CDR program is updated, the content of the Technician class will also be updated. When possible, we try to send out updates as soon as material may be practically and appropriately added to the class content; however, in most instances, updated material will be added as newer versions of the CDR program are released and there are changes to processes which may impact Technician activities or are aspects of the used of the program to gather data that would be something a Technician should know.

Instructors: W. R. “Rusty” Haight

Upcoming Courses:

March 4, 2018: CDR Technician Train-The Trainer program followed by the EDR User’s Summit in Houston, Texas