Collision Trauma Biomechanics

The Collision Trauma Biomechanics course is designed to provide those involved in collision investigation, reconstruction, biomechanics, medicine, and insurance claims with the tools to better evaluate and understand the biomechanics of collision induced trauma. The course will strengthen the understanding of this type of collision for those in related fields including health care providers and those in the legal professions.

The course is intended to provide the practicing reconstructionist and biomechanical engineer with the information to better understand the “how” and “why,” and in some case “why not,” of collision induced trauma. The course is designed to offer the student (whether a reconstructionist or practicing biomechanical engineer) a wide range of information on the biomechanics of collision induced trauma. The course is not; however, designed to prepare one to qualify as a biomechanical expert. This 40 hour course includes classroom lecture, homework assignments, and a final exam.

Major course topics include:

  • By the end of this course, the student will have been offered the tools through which he or she may better understand and analyze low speed collisions and related concepts in the broader sense.
  • With respect to specific biomechanical concepts, this course is intended to provide an overview of collision trauma biomechanics as a guide to help evaluate the injury potential in a collision not to qualify one as a biomechanical expert. The information offered through this course can; however, be used to evaluate the accuracy and/or foundation of various opinions or assumptions which may be set forth in a particular situation or case.
  • While the course material is designed as a comprehensive overview of the field of biomechanics, it is a complex topic which, as would be the case with any serious pursuit, would take substantial and serious study to begin to master. Although this course alone is not sufficient to prepare one to undertake general biomechanical analysis insofar as the limited time available to study, in depth, the far broader field of Biomechanics, the student should leave the course with a far greater understanding of the major course objectives.

Tuition: $600 (USD)

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