Advanced EDR Analysis

Advanced EDR Analysis Course

In addition to what would otherwise be traditional EDR data from the core OEMs associated with the Bosch CDR Tool, this course explores the use of data retrieved using the Tesla EDR Tool, Tesla CAN Bus (diagnostic) data, the Hyundai and Kia EDR Tools, and active safety system data from various manufacturers.

This course, the Advanced EDR Analysis course, is designed to act, in limited part, as an update for those who have attended a CDR Tool Data Analyst Course within the last ~2 years and then supplement the initial Analyst Course by introducing specific advanced topics and other methods and tools for data retrieval beyond that retrieved with the Bosch CDR Tool.

Over 5 days, the CDR Tool Data Analyst course can reasonably only cover a finite amount of information. Adding additional case problems designed to illustrate specific concepts not to mention trying to address EDR Tool data from non-Bosch CDR Tool systems are beyond the scope and time limitations of the core 5 day CDR Tool Data Analyst course.

Through concept presentation followed up by case problem examples and hands-on activities, the Advanced EDR Analysis course is designed to extend the reconstructionist’s familiarity with the Bosch Tool retrieved data as well as data retrieved using the Hyundai, Kia and Tesla EDR Tools and Tesla CAN Bus data.

Download the course flyer for more specific information.

Course Hours

This course is conducted during a very full 40 hours over 5 days starting at 8am and ending at about 5:00PM/17:00hrs on the last day of the course. (Some course offering times may vary by location and facility). If you’re traveling in to a location, please make your travel arrangements to allow for ample time to get to the airport and go through security after the completion of the course on the last day assuming the class will close at 5PM. Given the volume of material, this course does not usually end earlier than 4:30PM (1630hrs) on the last day and may run later depending on the course flow relative to the involvement and interest level of those in attendance.

Required Equipment

A laptop computer with at least Adobe Acrobat Reader, a spreadsheet program (i.e.: Microsoft Office Excel), the Window’s calculator installed on the laptop or a scientific calculator. Ideally, administrative rights to the computer for full access to functions. Course materials and course projects are distributed digitally during the course to be read/worked on with your laptop.

No retrieval hardware or software is required for this course

Check back here before the class start date for potential Advanced EDR Analysis course location updates or changes. We don’t normally make hotel recommendations but, when and if we have suggestions from a class sponsor, they are listed with the class location information. Please see the downloadable course flyer and FAQ section for more.

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Lead Instructor

W. R. Rusty Haight

Director, Collision Safety Institute

Rusty has taught crash reconstruction at the Texas Engineering Extension Service, TEEX, Texas A&M University and, since 2002 as director of the Collision Safety Institute. He has taught CDR related courses since the earliest Vetronix training seminar in 2000 and has conducted extensive EDR specific research.