Damage & Energy Applications (CRUSH)

Damage and Energy Applications for Collision Reconstruction Course

This course offers the collision reconstructionist the exposure to the underlying concepts and relationships between damage, energy, delta-V and barrier equivalencies. Through in-class lecture as well as group and individual exercises, those attending this course will better understand the function and process of vehicle measurement and documentation for “crush” damage and how to find information for and then calculate stiffness coefficients. The history of the core “CRASH3” model and both its assets and limitations as well as a generalized overview of the process of the model are examined.

Major course topics include:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of work and energy concepts as applied to motor vehicles and motor vehicle collisions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between kinetic energy and “crush” or residual permanent damage.
  • Recognize the limits and appropriate applications of damage-based collision analysis.
  • Apply appropriate strategies for vehicle documentation (measurements) particularly when the end application is an energy-based analysis of a collision.
  • Locate and identify appropriate information for stiffness coefficient calculations and conduct complex energy and momentum based analysis of collisions.

Lead Instructor: W. R. “Rusty” Haight

Tuition: $750 (USD)

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